Tikhon Bear

Let me introduce you bear Tikhon. His name means ‘quiet’, but he is a serious guy. As any other bear he very much likes fish.

Tikhon was hand-sewn by an author’s pattern of a dense Helmbold Alpaca with 14mm pile. His arms and legs are fixed by means of pins which let them to turn up and down. He has a Lockline type plastic armature spine that runs from his head down to his tail. This spine allows him to move his head up and down and side to side with ease. He also has the same plastic armature in his arms. Bear’s paw pads are made of natural leather. Claws have been hand-sculpted of Fimo clay. Tikhon is stuffed with wool and polyester fiber fill. Weight was added by some amount of steel and glass pellets (glass is for legs and steel is for body). Nose and eyelids are felted. Eyes are manufactured of glass. Tikhon is hand-painted with art oil paints.

Bear sits independently and can stand with a support.

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